Thursday, 25 July 2013

Summer project

Qgirl chose a sewing project for this summer. it lasted two days with great results. now we have to find more to do!


  1. First, I am so jealous!!! You've been to Mood! I want to go to Mood. I can only dream about Mood. I can't believe the pictures and the stuff you saw! My Visa swooned at the sight. And What a birthday party! Looks like one of my better sewing guild meetings. We too like cupcakes and treat bags. WHAT a dress!!! Q girl, I am blown away! The yoke embellishment is perfect. The pocket looks great. Don't you just love a summer dress? You could make it short for a top too I think. Sew on! I am so proud to actually know you.

  2. Thanks! It's nice to finally have someone else who understands the whole Mood thing! I wish you could have been there with us!


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